The Elite Mental Game

Start the complete mental training system for your girl athlete today!

Increase Confidence

Recover Quickly From Mistakes
Let For Of Perfectionism & Comparison
Use Nerves To Her Advantage

Level-Up Her Performance To Reach Her Goals
Believes In Herself As Much AS You Do!

PLUS - you get all the tools to know what to say & do to best support her!

who believes in herself and plays like it!


 Enroll in The Elite Mental Game

✔️ Lifetime access to our Elite Mental Game trainings for athletes & parents (valued at $3,000) 

✔️ One price covers all athletes & parents in your immediate household

How To Rise Above Teammate Drama & Thrive Under Challenging Coaches [Training Bundle] (valued at $300)


STEP 2: Activate 3 Months of FREE EMG Live Support for Athlete(s) & Parents

✔️ BONUS #1: Athlete 2x/month Level-Up Group Coaching Calls (valued at $850)

✔️ BONUS #2: Coach On Call – Unlimited text support for all of you with our certified Coaches (valued at $1500)

✔️ BONUS #3: Sports Moms Inner Circle with community, live trainings, guest experts, ongoing coaching, and more! (valued at $850)

✔️ BONUS #4: Sports Moms Inner Circle private podcast so you can catch all community trainings and events easily on the go (valued at $200)

A few details:

  • This EMG Live Support can be activated now to start immediately or delayed until a future date. To delay, simply decline it on the next step and then respond immediately to your welcome email to let us know you'd like to delay the live support.
  • EMG Live Support is free for the first 90 days with an option to continue at $79/mo (don't worry, we'll email you ahead of time!)


STEP 3: Enroll Your Athlete and Partner/Spouse

STEP 4: Get started!

What Moms Are Saying:


Join The Elite Mental Game completely risk-free:

 The Elite Mental Game Guarantee gives you seven days to join and attend our opening Bounce Back In Snap Challenge risk free. 

If, after attending The Bounce Back In Snap Challenge, your daughter does not have a routine to recover quickly from mistakes and keep playing with confidence, and you don’t know how to best support her from the stands during setbacks … 

Simply send an email to [email protected] with the subject line ‘Guarantee,” and we’ll hit the brakes on building your athlete daughter’s confidence by initiating your exit from the program and refunding you in full. 

Yep - I am that sure you’ll see the results you’ve heard me talk about. 💪

Woohoo! We can't wait to see you inside!

P.S... If this pricing doesn't fit in your budget, please reach out so we can discuss discuss different payment terms.  
[email protected]


$1,397 USD

 By enrolling in this program I agree:

  • That I am the parent or guardian of noted athlete(s), agree to the listed terms & conditions, and anything additional outlined on this check-out page. I opt in to receiving program related emails and text messages from Coach Bre + The Elite Competitor.
  • This license is for a single family's use and can be shared within the immediate family only. To add an additional athlete or partner, complete the enrollment forms upcoming in this enrollment process or email us at [email protected].
  • I understand this is a 1 time payment of $1,397, less any discounts being offered. This payment will automatically charge to my card immediately.
  • The Elite Mental Game Guarantee is that my daughter will have a routine to quickly recover from mistakes and keep playing with confidence within 7 days of joining EMG. If this does not occur, I may hit the brakes and initiate our exit from the program for a full refund. See our Terms & Conditions for more details.
  • The FREE 90 days of EMG Live Support (Coach On Call, Athlete Level-Up Group Coaching Calls, Sports Moms Inner Circle, and Private Podcast) must be activated on the next step in the enrollment process; it is not granted automatically. If I prefer to delay this live support free trial, I will respond immediately with my intention to do so.
  • I'll have unlimited access to The Elite Mental Game Athlete + Parent trainings for the lifetime of this program's existence.

 ONE TIME OFFER - Only Available Here for $129 (regularly $241)

Elite Athlete Mini-Course Bundle

1. Be Heard. 5 Simple Steps To Talk To Your Coach About Playing Time, Feedback, and More! ($97)

2. Thriving Through Injury. Turning Your Setback Into A Comeback ($97)

3. Plan Your Week With Ease. Prioritize Your Time & Energy For Where You Need It Most ($47)

This bundle is only available here to new Elite Mental Game Athletes!